2019 Unified Carrier Registration

Don't fall for the unsolicited service offers


As you may already be aware the UCR registration period for 2019 had been delayed awaiting publication of the final rates by the FMCSA. The 2019 rates are in and the registration period is officially open as of December 27, 2018 with enforcement set to begin April 1, 2019.

I wish to make my clients aware of the scams on the market where you will receive seemingly official correspondence about filing your UCR fees. Usually they are offering to do this for you at a substantial markup. The process is simple and your can complete the registration yourself online for no additional cost at the official website www.ucr.gov

Fleet Compliance Solutions is happy to assist if you desire, although we would rather not charge our clients for simple tasks they can complete themselves in the interest of better relationships and full transparency.

The 2019 fees are as follows:

Fleet Size Fee

0-2  $62

3-5  $185

6-20  $368

21-100  $1,283

101-1,000 $6,112

1,001+  $59,689

The number of vehicles is based upon your most recent MCS-150 form on file with the FMCSA, so if it does not reflect actual fleet size please go online and update the MCS-150 at least 24 hours prior to filing your UCR otherwise you may pay extra fees. Also, if a portion of your fleet is used exclusively intrastate you can file UCR Form 1 to declare these vehicles and avoid paying fees for them.

You can update your MCS-150 for free at this official link https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/registration/updating-your-registration